Our Approach

Our Approach

At Hi-Fi Fo-Fum, we speak two languages. One for the Hi-Fi enthusiast who knows amps, silicon diode rectifiers and the IoE and one for the person that wants to know what Hi-Fi and Home Automation is all about in simple understandable words...you know...like the way people talk.

Our Story

Our Story...

Where it all began...Hi-Fi Fo-Fum was started in the 1950's with one thing in mind, bringing great pleasure into peoples lives through the full enjoyment of High Fidelity Music. Although the technology has changed, the mission is still the same. Give people a music system they will enjoy!

How come the Fo-Fum? 

Well...the picture above is that of Mr. Fum. To make along story short, His full name wouldn't fit on the front windows.

Hideton Finster Forbush Fum

Founder & CEO

A legend among all things that are Hi-Fi.

Frank Romano


Fum Business

We've told you our story, now its time to tell us yours. Give us a call to drop us a line. Let us know how Fum can help you.